The ETOURNIAS will be celebrating their music with a tour of England and Scotland in June 2019 by the kind invitation of SCaT ABERDEEN ( Scottish Culture and Traditions) 
At the suggestion of our friend and musician David the group planned a trip to the United Kingdom based on folk music and dances . Because of the distance involved we have chartered a coach to take us there from Puilboreau which allows us to add some great stops to our tour.
Here is a synopsis of our itinerary for those who want to follow us on the Net or for our English / Scottish friends who want to join us at venues.
June 11th
Depart Puilboreau for Caen. Cross channel with Brittany Ferries to Portsmouth.
June 12th 
Motorway to Durham. Join the Durham University Folk Society and Ceilidh Band .
June 13th
Stop in Edinburgh . Program to follow.
June 14th
Travel to Aberdeen
June 15th
Concert at Drum Castle
( with Scat orchestra / Davy Cattenach/ Toquadance and Les Toqués du Tempo)
Evening Ceilidh in Aberdeen.
Aberdeen Highland Games and aqua ceilidh at Stonehaven swimming pool.
June 17th
'Welcome in Edinburgh 'organised by ScotMusic with an evening shared by Ceilidh Callerie dance band and the TOQUÉS DU TEMPO at the prestigious French - Scottish Cultural center.
June 18th
Travel to Cambridge. 
Ceilidh organised by Peterborough dance group.
June 19th
Back to France via the shuttle.
27 members of the association LES ETOURNIAS will travel , both musicians and dancers (or both)
We will be delighted to meet you on our journey and thank all our friends who helped with the organisation and made our dream a reality.
For any further information go directly to the website or e mail Gerard <>

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